Products / High Speed ConnectivityPoint of Sale Terminal - We also support industry-specific terminal features, in most cases we can convert you to our processor quickly and easily.Software Applications - Running Windows, we feature sever PC Applications which included but are not limited to:Internet Gateways - Website Intergation with some of the most reliable internet gateways and more.Virtual Online Terminals - Virtual Terminal is a web-based point-of-sale terminal for key entered transactions and a wide range of features.High Speed Connectivity - Fast, Secure processing for retailers who need a constance connection when running many transaction consecutively.
Fast, Secure processing for retailers who need a constance connection when running many transaction consecutively.
Listed below are the most common Connection Methods we support. If you need to use a Connection Methods that is not listed below, please contact our office for assistance.

Looking for fast, secure and affordable payment processing at Internet speeds? Look no farther than NetConnect, the latest innovation for retailers from Chase Paymentech. NetConnect provides a secure, direct Internet connection to Chase Paymentech's authorization center that can reduce the average credit card processing time from 10-15 seconds for a dial-up connection to a mere three seconds.
  • Advanced security - Transactions are processed with the utmost security. Chase Paymentech authenticates every single transaction and requires them to be encrypted using industry-standard SSL encryption. NetConnect's built-in security features make it a powerful tool against hackers who steal merchant ID numbers and use them to make fraudulent card refunds. NetConnect also provides all merchants a username and password to prevent unauthorized transactions, including refunds, from being processed against their merchant account.
  • Affordable - NetConnect is vastly more affordable than frame relay connections, offering a real-world alternative for small and mid-size merchants. Because it utilizes Internet connections such as a digital subscriber line (DSL), NetConnect allows merchants to free up valuable telephone lines and continue to take calls, send faxes, etc. while they are processing transactions.
  • Simple Setup - With NetConnect you won't need any additional hardware, and in many cases you may already be using NetConnect-certified software such as Go Software PCCharge, Intrix Supercharge and Positouch via Transaction Plus. If not, we can provide the actual specifications at the merchant's request.
Frame Relay
Frame relay eliminates the time consuming and cumbersome dial-up process so that users are continuously online. Coverage is available in the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii. It supports multiple connections and offers dial-backup support. Chase Paymentech's standard TCP/IP frame relay network connectivity is the most innovative in the industry. It has high transmission speeds, low network delay, high connectivity and efficient bandwidth use. In addition, the circuits and hardware are provided, maintained and monitored by Chase Paymentech on a 24/7 basis. 
  • System Redundancy - Chase Paymentech's redundant and highly efficient systems ensure accurate, cost-effective and timely processing of transactions. During scheduled maintenance, processing is transparently switched to the redundant system without disruption to our customers.
  • Fast and Reliable Transactions - The typical transaction speed that merchants experience ranges between 2 and 4 seconds, depending on your choice of point of sale (POS) device and software.
  • Low Cost - The entire cost of this solution is a flat monthly fee, with a minimum commitment of one year. There is no additional charge for installation, 24/7 monitoring or help desk availability.
  • Increased Revenue - Faster processing means faster authorizations, enabling you to assist more customers and have additional time to focus on your day-to-day operations or strategic initiatives.
  • State-of-the-art Technology - Includes an ATT frame relay circuit, Cisco router, dial backup with analog phone line.
Precidia Technologies
Precidia's product line features software and hardware solutions for payments integration and serial networking. Serial Networking products include single and multiport hardware adapters, designed to cost effectively network and manage serial-based equipment. Precidia's Payments products leverage a secure payment router and unique payment engine software, to integrate flexible payment functionality with any POS device, PC, or application.
  • Serial Networking - Network and manage a variety of equipment simply and cost-effectively using Precidia's proven serial IP adapters. Serial networking products feature single and multiport models with features such as ROHS compliance and 10/100 ethernet support. All deliver end-to-end networking and management for existing equipment.
  • Payments - Precidia's suite of products dedicated to the needs of the retail payments industry. This suite features a secure payment router, delivering broadband IP connectivity to existing dial/serial devices and routing to multiple transaction processor hosts. The payment router also acts as the platform for Precidia's TransNet payment engine software, which securely integrates payment functionality with any POS device, PC or application.
  • Management Tools - NetVu is a user-friendly suite of network and device management tools, designed to assist those who support merchants and other end users. MerchantVu is a store-level management suite for merchants. On board Precidia's most popular Payment and Serial Networking products, NetVu streamlines deployment and delivers valuable ongoing diagnostics, statistics and alerts.

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