Products / Virtual Online TerminalsPoint of Sale Terminal - We also support industry-specific terminal features, in most cases we can convert you to our processor quickly and easily.Software Applications - Running Windows, we feature sever PC Applications which included but are not limited to:Internet Gateways - Website Intergation with some of the most reliable internet gateways and more.Virtual Online Terminals - Virtual Terminal is a web-based point-of-sale terminal for key entered transactions and a wide range of features.High Speed Connectivity - Fast, Secure processing for retailers who need a constance connection when running many transaction consecutively.
Virtual Terminal is a web-based point-of-sale terminal for key entered transactions and a wide range of features.
Listed below are the most common Virtual Terminals we support. If you need to use a Virtual Terminal that is not listed below, please contact our office for assistance.

Orbital Virtual Terminal
Orbital Virtual Terminal performs the processing functions of a physical POS terminal but only requires a PC with Internet connection and a web browser. Features Include:
  • All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser! No need for unnecessary hardware, dedicated phone lines, etc.
  • Handles the full range of processing functions needed to "key enter" and process credit card transactions, including authorization, card capture, refunds, voids, etc.
  • Offers a comprehensive set of payment management functions such as split shipments, settle marked transactions, retrieve, review and settle batches.
  • You have the choice to either settle batch transactions automatically at the end of each day or manually oversee the process yourself by logging into the Orbital Virtual Terminal -- when and where you want to.
  • Research and retrieve past orders quickly and with ease.
  • Virtual Terminal has a safe and secure log in with multi-tiered access.
iTerminal is an application for point-of-sale transactions without a physical terminal. With iTerminal, you'll have the processing capabilities of a physical POS terminal from your web-enabled personal computer. There is no software to install or troubleshoot. iTerminal requires only a USB-connected card reader or serial-connected PIN pad. Using your existing computer, web browser, Internet connection and printer, you can complete everything from sales authorizations and refunds to voids, prior authorized sales and settlement, just as you would with a point-of-sale terminal.
  • Swipe Transaction
  • Accept all major credit cards plus Gift Cards
  • Process PIN debit transactions in addition to signature debit
  • Run batch queries based on batch or date parameters (six-month history)
  • View transactions in open batch status
  • Control access with password protection and three user levels
  • Collect payment securely, quickly and conveniently for you and your customers
  • Accept credit, debit and gift card payments wherever you can take your PC
  • Get started without complicated setup, and save on startup costs
Gateway Virtual Terminal
The Merchant Console (Virtual Terminal) is the primary, tool that every merchant receives. In the simplest terms, the Merchant Console can be thought of as a credit card machine that runs online. It has all the functions of a credit card machine with added tools, versatility and customization.
  • Authorize.Net, Eprocessing Network, Apriva, USAePay and First Data all offer a Virtual Terminals
  • The Basics, The Merchant Console starts with the basics that every merchant needs. These basic functions include the ability to process a sale, void, credit, auth only, post auth and settlement; all the functions of a credit card machine but it's all done online.
  • Reports, The console also allows merchants to view a wide array of different reports. Transactions for reports are stored for the life of the account and merchants can decide to either view a report for their entire processing history or view a report for just the past day. Visual reports with graphs and charts make it easy for any merchant to see their transaction history. Export users can create custom reports with specific criteria to fit any merchant's reporting needs and any report can be printed, emailed or downloaded at any time.
  • Customer Billing Database, Without having to install any additional software, the Customer Billing section of the Merchant Console allows merchants to create a customer database and to create and maintain auto-billing cycles for those customers. Customers can be auto-billed on a daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis. This feature works especially well for hosting companies and time-payment merchants who allow their customers to pay in installments.
  • Batch Uploading, Whether your merchant needs to upload a file of ten transactions or ten-thousand transactions, the batch up loader allows them to do so. Built into the console, the Batch Up loader allows merchants, who do not authorize in real-time or who prefer to upload batches of transactions (such as fulfillment centers) at one time, to upload files of transactions in supported formats (such as comma and tab limited) and then process them without having to key them in one at a time.
  • Security First, Along with being PCI Complaint, the Merchant Console runs on the highest level of security. All Virtual Terminals uses the best SSL Digital ID encryption for all transaction processing and goes far beyond the minimum standards making these gateway one of the most secure in the industry
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