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Tinadre provides check acceptance solutions
Checks are still one of the most popular forms of payment today. Current projections anticipate 25 billion checks written, per year, by the year 2009. It is a proven fact that sales increase when customers are afforded payment options of choice. Tinadre provides check acceptance solutions that can meet the needs of virtually any business.

  • Electronic Check Acceptance
    Verification Reduce traditional bank fees and processing costs and streamline back office operations with our electronic check payment service

  • Paper Check Acceptance
    Accept paper check payments with confidence and minimize returned checks with our paper check service and risk management tools.

  • Telephone Acceptance
    Minimize lost revenue by accepting check payments over the phone and turn captured orders into paid orders.

  • Live Verify - Minimize returned checks and protect against fraud by accessing dynamic, real-time negative and activity databases for all transactions.

  • Collections Services
    Recover check losses quickly and easily with less administrative time and improved fraud detection. No more running after a Bounced Check.

  • Checks by Phone
    Eliminate one of the three greatest lies. We have all heard it . . . "the check's in the mail."

  • ACH Payments
    How would you like to have all your payments on the first of every month without ever sending an invoice. We can automate your receivables, improve cash flow and save time and money.

  • Check Conversion
    No more trips to the bank. You can convert every check your business accepts to next day electronic deposits, right from your own office.
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